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Hyrian Enterprise services have run the broadest and most complex Fortune 500 Recruitment Process Outsourcing programs in the nation.

That means not only managing the recruitment process from intake to onboarding, but also taking responsibility for compliance regulations, compensation benchmarking, and workplace diversity requirements.

While many RPOs seem identical on a position-by-position basis, dealing with thousands of new openings a month for a single client requires delivering a recruitment process and service levels that can anticipate and react to changing needs faster than internal resources they replace.

For any company considering enterprise-wide RPO implementation, depth, breadth of experience and consistency of performance will determine who gains competitive advantage in talent acquisition. But more than anything, success will be determined by understanding your needs internally, involving all key constituencies and giving up day-to-day control.

If you simply are not ready for the full range of services and involvement that a fully staffed, dedicated Recruitment Process Oursourcing program offers, you may want to start your RPO experience with Hyrian OnDemand, a complete end-to-end offering that gives you the power of an F-500 recruitment department, but on a totally flexible basis.

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