About Hyrian

We are different.

Hyrian, which rhymes with Shakespearean, was founded in 1997 with the goal of changing the way the nation recruits. Since then, Hyrian has become the largest and most successful Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider in the country.

We answer to you.
Hyrian is a privately held company and our growth is self-funded. We don't answer to venture capitalists, shareholders, or market analysts; we answer to you, our customer. We are not compromised by commissions and we work until a position is filled.

Number 1 leading process outsourcing company to the Fortune 500 Our growth comes from an unwavering focus on our core mission and strategy, to partner with companies that appreciate the importance and complexity of a professionally executed recruitment and hiring process.

Now with Hyrian OnDemand, smaller companies or departments can access the power and superior service of a dedicated enterprise RPO program, with NO minimum commitment, at a fraction of the cost of recruitment agencies.

See what makes us different.
It's time to see the difference—contact Hyrian today.

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